[Dbix-class] having attribute with count

Les Fletcher les at affinitycircles.com
Tue Jul 31 23:01:21 GMT 2007

I am building up a result set and am see difference between the actual 
selection of the objects from the database and counting of those same 
objects.  The query has a prefetch, groupby, having and a limit clause.  
What I am seeing is that when I request the objects from the database 
the query is working just fine, but when I am doing a count, the having 
clause is dropped from the count query.  In the source of resultset I 
see that the having attribute is deleted from time to time and then 
processed differently.  Is there something that I can do to ensure that 
the having clause is used in the count?  Thanks.


The code is structured like this:

sub get_rs {
    # returns a result set
             order_by => ...
             having => ...
             prefetch => ...
             order_by => ...

sub get_records {
           page => 1,
           rows => 10

sub get_count {

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