[Dbix-class] correction; ANNOUNCE - Language::MuldisD v0.9.0 released

Darren Duncan darren at DarrenDuncan.net
Wed Oct 10 21:30:06 GMT 2007

P.S.  The subject line was wrong with the first email.


I am pleased to announce the release of Language::MuldisD 
official/unembraced version 0.9.0 on CPAN.  You can see it now, with 
nicely HTMLized documentation, at:


This is a snapshot release taken part-way through my fleshing out the 
system catalog definition; it is closer to being able to specify 
writing type (eg, schema) and routine (eg, query) definitions, but 
not there yet.

I aim to be the rest of the way by next tuesday if possible, or even this week.

See the "Changes" file ( 
http://search.cpan.org/src/DUNCAND/Language-MuldisD-0.9.0/Changes ) 
for more details of what changed for this release.

Thank you. -- Darren Duncan

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