[Dbix-class] How to get bind values into DBIC::QueryLog

Richard Jones ra.jones at dpw.clara.co.uk
Fri Sep 7 15:17:57 GMT 2007

I find DBIx:Class::QueryLog very useful in dumping SQL data to the 
browser in a nicely formatted table, but find it lacks one very useful 
feature of DBIC::Profiler - displaying the bind values. That makes it 
easy to run the query manually in a client.

If I have followed the logic correctly, bind values are passed from 
DBIx::Class::Storage::DBI to 
DBIx::Class::Storage::Statistics::query_start(), which is then 
over-ridden in Catalyst::Plugin::DBIC::Profiler::DebugObj.

I'm not sure how to do this in DBIx:Class::QueryLog (or the catalyst 
plugin DBIC::QueryLog, or its possible successor?). I've read and 
attempted to emulate the My::Profiler example from the Profiling section 
of DBIx::Class::Manual::Cookbook, but it's a lamentable mess (my attempt 
that is, not the original).

Any help much appreciated.
Richard Jones

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