[Dbix-class] dbic >=0.8 on bleadperl and MRO::Compat

Josef Chladek josef.chladek at gmail.com
Thu Sep 13 19:19:19 GMT 2007

hello list,

actually I am trying to install MojoMojo, which needs DBIC>=0.8,  
which needs Class::Accessor::Grouped, which needs MRO::Compat

MRO::Compat fails to build:
t/10basic...........ok 1/11Undefined subroutine &mro::get_isarev  
called at t/10basic.t line 28.
t/15pkg_gen.........Undefined subroutine &mro::get_pkg_gen called at  
t/15pkg_gen.t line 15.

I use bleadperl with brandon's patch (C3 mro) on my local dev- 
machine, what is needed to install DBIx::Class in that case?


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