[Dbix-class] complex relationships I

Benjamin Hitz hitz at genome.stanford.edu
Fri Sep 21 18:07:35 GMT 2007

> Shouldn't the parent id be the PK if multiple parents are disallowed?
> You might find writing the parent method by hand best so that it  
> enforces
> what your schema doesn't.
>> my @arrayOfChildrenWhichAreAlsoCvTermObjs = $cvTermObj->children();
>> That didn't seem so bad... maybe the next one is tougher?
> I've done pretty much exactly this one before except a multi-parent  
> DAG.

Yeah, I think I pointed this out in another jumbled mail.
The data loaded currently has single parents (I think we currently  
store 8 controlled vocabularies in this table, and I am not sure all  
of them are single-parented), but we designed the schema to allow for  
multi-parent DAG.


Ben Hitz
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