[Dbix-class] Database Schema Designer

Jess Robinson castaway at desert-island.me.uk
Sun Sep 30 17:38:47 GMT 2007

On Sun, 30 Sep 2007, Sven Eppler wrote:

> Hello Guys!
> I've got a quite simple question: Does anybody know any good and usable
> database schema design tool? I'm searching for something which
> represents my tables and their relations graphicaly and then allows me
> to export these schemas to SQL.
> I already knwo DBDesigner4 by FabForce. But that's no big hit on linux
> (64bit) because it needs some additional libraries which are only
> available for 32bit. (and no, i don't want a 32bit chroot only for this
> tool :) )

What was DBDesigner4, is now also MySQL's workbenh tool, maybethey have a 
64bit version?


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