[Dbix-class] Close connection

Emmanuel Quevillon tuco at pasteur.fr
Tue Feb 12 08:05:40 GMT 2008

Matt S Trout wrote:
> On Mon, Feb 04, 2008 at 12:45:08PM +0100, Emmanuel Quevillon wrote:
>> Matt S Trout a écrit :
>>> On Thu, Jan 31, 2008 at 04:01:27PM +0530, Rajesh Pethe wrote:
>>>> Matt S Trout wrote:
>>>>> On Wed, Jan 30, 2008 at 09:31:27PM +0530, Rajesh Pethe wrote:
>>>>>> I have also faced this problem with newer version of DBIx (0.08008).
>>>>>> Old version works fine.
>>>>> Then provide us with enough information to debug the problem.
>>>>> All you've done so far is asserted it's broken in your set up with no
>>>>> details at all about it.
>>>>> How are we supposed to fix it if you won't tell us anything even when I
>>>>> ask you for more info?
>>>> I have not done anything special, the applications were running fine
>>>> with version 0.07002 of DBIx. After we upgraded it to 0.08008, we got
>>>> this issue.
>>>> Multiple connections are opened and never closed till the lifetime of
>>>> the program.
>>> Every other report of this was either (a) a bug fixed by 08004 or so or
>>> (b) user error.
>>> I asked you for additional information in a reply to your original
>>> report. Please go back, read that message and provide the information I
>>> asked for. "I have not done anything special" is not helpful, and without
>>> more information my best guess is that you've done something silly
>>> somewhere - but without seeing your code I can't tell that either.
>>> Can you please either
>>> (1) provide the information we asked for
>>> or
>>> (2) debug this issue more closely to find where the dbh is leaked
>> Hi Matt,
>> I already sent you some code in one of my previous email. Did you get it?
>> I can send it back again if needed.
> There's no such e-mail in the list archives from you.
> Could you re-send, and start it as a new thread as well? This thread is
> no basically useless because we're five messages deep and nobody's posted
> any debugging info to it :)

Hi Matt,

Did you get my last email with code included?
I tried to install new version of DBIx::Class 0.08009 but 
the problem persists even the built-in server provided by 
Do you have any clue of what's going on?

Emmanuel Quevillon
Biological Software and Databases Group
Institut Pasteur
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tuco at_ pasteur dot fr

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