[Dbix-class] Re: Re: A better Digest / Encoding / Encryption Component

quarky at quantentunnel.de quarky at quantentunnel.de
Wed Jan 30 14:48:56 GMT 2008

As I have asked a few months (years?) ago I would like to see something similar, that might fit into your module ( or perhaps not ).

We store passwords encrypted in a tables field. We use the MySQL aes_encrypt an aes_decrypt functions to store and retrieve information from that column. The problem is, that DBIx::Class does not implement this kind of attaching a sql function to a field. At least it does not supply a way to have different sql functions called for storage and retrieval.

The advantage is, that you do not have to load the Perl Modules to do the encryption, but leave it to the DB engine, if supported. Another reason for having that is that applications can use the functions supported in sql and platform dependent solutions on the client side are not needed. Plus, I just cannot figure out how to do MySQLs aes_encrypt/aes_decrypt in Perl ( dummy me )

Thanks Wolfgang Warner
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