[Dbix-class] Re: Google Summer of Code 2008

Matt S Trout dbix-class at trout.me.uk
Mon Mar 10 19:02:25 GMT 2008

The application process for Google Summer of Code 2008 -
(http://code.google.com/soc/2008/) - has started. For those who don't know,
this is a Google-sponsored project that pays student developers to work on Open
Source projects. The deadline for mentor organization applications is Wednesday
March 12th.

Enlightened Perl (http://www.enlightenedperl.org/) has chosen to apply as a
mentoring organisation for GSoC, working in co-operation with the Perl
Foundation. Enlightened Perl's aims are to promote the use of Perl as a
high-level, enterprise-grade solution, and to collect and distribute funding
and support for modules and applications that further such a use of Perl. It
currently has the support of the development leaders for Catalyst, Jifty,
DBIx::Class, RT, svk and Moose, and potentially many more.

The Enlightened Perl coordinator for GSoC2008 is Mike Whitaker (IRC: Penfold on
irc.perl.org, Email: epo at altrion.org).

We need:

    * suggestions for projects: please add these to the Enlightened Perl
section on http://www.perlfoundation.org/perl5/index.cgi?gsoc2008_projects. Not
all students will want to take on a suggested project - some will propose a
project of their own (and frequently have a lot of success doing so). The GSoC
schedule allocates roughly 2 1/2 months of development time to individual

  * volunteers for people to act as mentors (either for a specific project or
in general). This will require a certain time commitment - you will be expected
to be in touch with both your student and the Enlightened Perl coordinator for
a couple of short Agile-style 'standup' meetings every working day. If you're
willing, please add yourself to

If you want more information, feel free to ask on IRC (#soc or #epo on
irc.perl.org) and/or check the GSoC and EP websites.

If you wonder why this e-mail involves no swearing or sarcasm, it's because
I was given a template. If you find that upsetting, please ask stupid
questions and I'll do my best to oblige :)

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