[Dbix-class] Bidirectional many-to-many on a single table?

Alex Peters dbix at alexpeters.net
Tue Mar 25 08:55:57 GMT 2008


I'm struggling to convey a many-to-many relationship on the
same table with DBIx::Class.  I've read over all of the
relevant documentation on CPAN and I've read past posts to this
list that seemed closely relevant by subject[1].

I have a database table called CriterionConflict with two
columns, criterionA and criterionB.  This table intends to
document instances of Criterion records that cannot coexist.
The conflicts are bidirectional; there is no meaning to the
ordering of a pair of IDs in a CriterionConflict record.

I think a 'conflicts' accessor/mutator method in the Criterion
ResultSource class would be ideal, but I don't know how I might
go about this.  For the accessor side of things I imagine I'd
need to construct a ResultSet searching across both columns;
for the mutator I'd probably start out with something similar.

I'm also unsure as to whether I need a CriterionConflict
ResultSet class, since I can't see any value to making this

How lost am I? ;)

If anyone could provide some example relationship code to
achieve this (or any other assistance), I'll gladly accept it.


[1] many to many self join?
    Many To Many on the same table trouble

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