[Dbix-class] Catalyst advent calendar - need help

Bogdan Lucaciu bogdan at sinapticode.ro
Mon Dec 7 12:19:15 GMT 2009


As you probably know, the Catalyst Advent Calendar is on, running at
Castaway already did a great job with a bit on
DBIx::Class::Schema::Versioned, but I feel we should have more DBIC
related content.

Some ideas, of the top of my head:
- the new traits in Catalyst::Model::DBIC::Schema include Caching and
Replicated, maybe someone with production code using one of the two
features in production can write a few words (just purpose+benefit,
example config/code, conclusion) on how they're using it.

- most people don't know how to use txns in dbic, or they know the API
but don't know common practices, idiomatic approaches etc, maybe an
overview of txns in dbic, with a few small 'cookbook' style examples
would be useful to so many

- DBIx::Class::Schema::RestrictWithObject is also a nice, not enough advertised

- in fact, a lot of dists in the DBIx::Class or DBICx namespaces are
unknown and underadvertised gems, if you're using something in your
code (or even better, are the author of them) and have time to write a
few words, it would be great.

- your own ideas are welcome :)

If you're interested, please contact me (zamolxes) or Devin Austin
(dhoss) on #dbix-class or #catalyst-dev on irc.perl.org . Please note,
I feel you shouldn't give up too much of your time, it would be great
if you could present some stuff you already researched and have some
bits working of code/config handy.

Thank you,

Bogdan Lucaciu

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