[Dbix-class] Dynamically removing an auto-increment column

Steve Bertrand steve at ibctech.ca
Tue Dec 8 19:58:45 GMT 2009

Peter Rabbitson wrote:
> Steve Bertrand wrote:
>> For MySQL, I have to have the 'id' field populated with a null value
>> when calling create()
> Why? Please explain.

Well, I can explain that I've been at this for hours on end, and when I
went to dig up the code so I could explain, I realized that I was
reading from an out-of-date database, so the writes weren't showing up.

Apparently, beating ones head off the wall for hours and embarrassing
themselves by posting publicly makes the reason for an issue immediately

Oh well, as a side effect, I've probably read half of the man pages, and
 learnt a tremendous amount regarding DBIx::Class flexibility ;)


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