[Dbix-class] Release 0.08115!

fREW Schmidt frioux at gmail.com
Thu Dec 10 15:09:43 GMT 2009

Hello everybody,

We just cut a fresh release of your favorite ORM.  Check out the sweet
bugfixes/features below:

0.08115 2009-12-10 09:02:00 (CST)
        - Real limit/offset support for MSSQL server (via Row_Number)
        - Fix distinct => 1 with non-selecting order_by (the columns
          in order_by also need to be aded to the resulting group_by)
        - Do not attempt to deploy FK constraints pointing to a View
        - Fix count/objects from search_related on limited resultset
        - Stop propagating distinct => 1 over search_related chains
        - Make sure populate() inherits the resultset conditions just
          like create() does
        - Make get_inflated_columns behave identically to get_columns
          wrt +select/+as (RT#46953)
        - Fix problems with scalarrefs under InflateColumn (RT#51559)
        - Throw exception on delete/update of PK-less resultsets
        - Refactored Sybase storage driver into a central ::DBI::Sybase
          dispatcher, and a sybase-specific ::DBI::Sybase::ASE
        - Fixed an atrocious DBD::ADO bind-value bug
        - Cookbook/Intro POD improvements

fREW Schmidt

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