[Dbix-class] Change in dirty column identification?

Ovid publiustemp-dbic at yahoo.com
Mon Dec 14 16:50:19 GMT 2009

In DBIx::Class 0.08100 and newer, for DBIx::Class::Row:

  sub set_column {
    my ($self, $column, $new_value) = @_;

    $self->{_orig_ident} ||= $self->ident_condition;
    my $old_value = $self->get_column($column);

    $self->store_column($column, $new_value);
    $self->{_dirty_columns}{$column} = 1
      if (defined $old_value xor defined $new_value) || (defined $old_value && $old_value ne $new_value);

    # XXX clear out the relation cache for this column
    delete $self->{related_resultsets}{$column};

    return $new_value;

Note that "store_column()" does not return a value.  This means that the "dirty" test is against the passed in $new_value.  However, we have a component which overrides store_column and, in a couple of special cases, will coerce an empty string to undef and vice versa (long story!).  DBIx::Class 0.0813 and earlier used the return value from store_column() (the new value we've set) for the "dirty" test.  We've a workaround, but is this a desired change?  More specifically, are components not supposed to change the value of data being passed to DBIx::Class::Row::store_column?

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