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Charlie Garrison garrison at zeta.org.au
Thu Dec 17 04:41:32 GMT 2009

Good afternoon,

On 16/12/09 at 8:59 PM +0100, Bernhard Graf <dbic4 at augensalat.de> wrote:

>Bill Moseley schrieb:
>> Isn't this what Class::DBI attempted to do with it's object index?  That
>> is, if it needed to fetch $user->county but that $country had already
>> been fetched then it used the in-memory copy.  I always disabled that
>> feature as it seems to cause more breakage than not.
>Hm, no. Well at least not here (DBIx::Class 0.08115).

Note, Bill said Class::DBI, not DBIx::Class. They are completely different packages. 


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