[Dbix-class] Bug: ->single on set with single row containing single NULL column

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Fri Dec 18 04:22:25 GMT 2009

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The behaviour of ResultSet->single seems to have changed sometime
between 0.08103 and 0.08112.  In 0.08112, if you perform a query of the

 ->search(..., {select=3D>[{sum=3D>...}], as=3D>[...]})

AND the query returns only one row

AND the row contains only one column whose value is NULL

then the single fails to inflate the result and subsequent accesses to
the putatively inflated result fail with an access to an undefined
value. The same construct used to work fine in 0.08103.

Tested on Debian Testing.

Please explicitly CC me replies since I'm not subscribed to this list.


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