[Dbix-class] ANNOUNCE: DBIx::Class 0.08108 pre-release

Peter Rabbitson rabbit+dbic at rabbit.us
Sat Jul 4 10:34:16 GMT 2009


Pre-release tarball of DBIC 0.08108 is now available at [1]. There
was a ton of improvements under the hood, but from a user perspective
everything should remain the same. The tarball should end up on CPAN
by the end of next week if no problem reports are received in the

Full Changelog:

        - Fixed the has_many prefetch with limit/group deficiency -
          it is now possible to select "top 5 commenters" while
          prefetching all their comments
        - New resultsed method count_rs, returns a ::ResultSetColumn
          which in turn returns a single count value
        - Even better support of count with limit
        - New on_connect_call/on_disconnect_call functionality (check
          POD of Storage::DBI)
        - Automatic datetime handling environment/session setup for
          Oracle via connect_call_datetime_setup()
        - count/all on related left-joined empty resultsets now correctly
          returns 0/()
        - Fixed regression when both page and offset are specified on
          a resultset
        - Fixed HRI returning too many empty results on multilevel
          nonexisting prefetch
        - make_column_dirty() now overwrites the deflated value with an
          inflated one if such exists
        - Fixed set_$rel with where restriction deleting rows outside
          the restriction
        - populate() returns the created objects or an arrayref of the
          created objects depending on scalar vs. list context
        - Fixed find_related on 'single' relationships - the former
          implementation would overspecify the WHERE condition, reporting
          no related objects when there in fact is one
        - SQL::Translator::Parser::DBIx::Class now attaches tables to the
          central schema object in relationship dependency order
        - Fixed regression in set_column() preventing sourceless object
        - Fixed a bug in search_related doubling a join if the original
          $rs already joins/prefetches the same relation
        - Storage::DBI::connected() improvements for Oracle and Sybase
        - Fixed prefetch+incomplete select regression introduced in
        - MSSQL limit (TOP emulation) fixes and improvements


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[1]: http://www.rabbit.us/diff/DBIx-Class-0.08108.tar.gz

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