[Dbix-class] 0.08103 - call for testers!

David Ihnen davidi at norchemlab.com
Mon May 18 23:01:43 GMT 2009

Peter Rabbitson wrote:
> Greetings,
> The next release of DBIC will have a number of exciting improvements,
> among them proper ->count ->update and ->delete of any resultset,
> regardless of it's complexity (join, group_by, paging, etc.)
> While all of these improvements are logical extensions of the awesome
> as_query() feature, there might be some lurking bugs in this code.
> Please download and test the pre-release tarball on real world code.
> It should behave identically or better, depending on how much your
> app abuses dbic :) If no negative feedback is received, this tarball
> should appear as 0.08103 on CPAN by the end of this week.
> http://rabbit.us/diff/DBIx-Class-0.08102_05.tar.gz
> Happy testing!
Our application here at Norchem seems to work fine with this code.


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