[Dbix-class] Null foreign keys and the reload_from_storage error when its not wanted

Matt S Trout dbix-class at trout.me.uk
Fri May 22 06:35:25 GMT 2009

On Thu, May 21, 2009 at 06:27:45PM -0700, David Ihnen wrote:
> Is this appropriate behavior or a bug?
> Consider this code here.  It is part of our application's database test 
> script.  Its purpose is to hit every rel defined in the database so that 
> we can get an early warning on any class configuration mismatching the 
> state of the database.
> # get all the sources
> my $sources = $user->result_source->schema->{'source_registrations'};

Read the DBIx::Class::Schema docs and call the methods fore this.

> # grab all the registered sources
> foreach my $source (keys %{$sources}) {
>  # grab all their relationships
>  foreach my $rel (keys %{$sources->{$source}->{'_relationships'}}) {

Read the DBIx::Class::ResultSource docs and call the methods fore this.

>    eval {
>      my $row = $DBH->resultset($source)->single;
>      $row->$rel if ($row)
>    };
>    print "$@\n" if ($@);
>    ok(!$@, "test rel $source->$rel" );
>  }
> }
> Runnign this eventually prints out this message here
> DBIx::Class::Relationship::Accessor::__ANON__(): Column dependency_id 
> not loaded or not passed to new() prior to insert() on 
> DB::Schema::cron_task=HASH(0x2fa4940) trying to resolve relationship 
> (maybe you forgot to call ->reload_from_storage to get defaults from the 
> db) at 02_db.t line 40
> not ok 563 - test rel cron_task->dependency

That should be an exists check, not a defined check. If dependency_id is
in the normal column list it should be fine.

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