[Dbix-class] +as not applied in +select/join/group_by

Christian Lackas lackas at lackas.net
Fri May 29 07:35:46 GMT 2009

Hi Everbody,

I have trouble formulating this raw SQL in DBIx::Class:

    SELECT publiclinks.*, COUNT(publicdownloads.id) AS downloadcount
    FROM publiclinks, publicdownloads 
    WHERE publicdownloads.linkid = publiclinks.id 
    GROUP BY publiclinks.id;

with publiclinks storing a list of resources, which can be downloaded.
This is logged into publicdownloads and my goal is to get a joined table, which
additionally shows me how often each resources was requested.

To accomplish this, I already tried the following (has_many relationship
between tables is named 'downloads'):

    $rs>search({}, { 
        join => 'downloads', 
        '+select' => [ { count => 'downloads.id' } ], 
        '+as' => [ 'downloadcount' ],
        group_by => 'me.id',

Unfortunately, this only produces this (DBIC_TRACE):

    SELECT me.*, COUNT( downloads.id ) FROM publiclinks me 
        LEFT JOIN publicdownloads downloads ON downloads.linkid = me.id 
        GROUP BY me.id

Why is the '+as' not applied here? And is this the right approach?

Using DBIx::Class 0.08102.
Thanks for your help.

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