[Dbix-class] DBIx::Class::ResultClass::HashRefInflator no longer works with find method

Peter Rabbitson rabbit+dbic at rabbit.us
Thu Nov 12 00:36:02 GMT 2009

Ryan Higgins wrote:
> Hi, I've recently updated from DBIx::Class 0.08102 to 0.08112
> Formerly, the following code worked as expected:
>         my $rs = $schema->resultset('CircPolicies');
>         $rs->result_class('DBIx::Class::ResultClass::HashRefInflator');
>         my $foo = $rs->find($policy_id);
> i.e. ref($foo) was 'HASH'.
> Now it's a DBIx::Class object.
> Is there some change that would explain this, or is this a bug ?

That's a bug, patched up for the upcoming version (some time this week).


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