[Dbix-class] DBIC Schema to DDL

Dave Cross dave at dave.org.uk
Wed Feb 10 11:02:21 GMT 2010

I'm revisiting an old project that I last worked on a year ago. I have
the DBIx::Class schema files, but the database itself disappeared in a
server move and I (stupidly) didn't put the DDL into git.

Is there a way to take a set of DBIx::Class schema classes and
(re-)generate the DDL that was originally used to generate the classes?

I know I can manually create the DDL by looking at the classes. And in
this case, that might well be the quickest solution. But in case I make
the same mistake again I'd like to know if DBIx::Class has a way to do this.

This is for MySQL - I suppose that makes a difference.



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