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> Peter Rabbitson wrote:
>> On Sun, Jul 18, 2010 at 02:40:47PM +0200, Leandro Hermida wrote:
>>> very good points and makes a lot of sense.  If I can ask a more general
>>> question then, why do ORMs exist in the first place and why are they so
>>> popular vs using a object persistence mechanism?  There must be some
>>> serious
>>> advantage to using them.
>> Because there yet does not exist a persistent object store, that can be
>> asked to fetch "all objects which have related objects whose attribute X
>> is Y", and which will do so by *transparrently* using native SQL methods
>> (namely GROUP BY over a joined resultset). Matt Trout is working on the
>> foundation of just such a "mapper", but this is a very very hard problem
>> to get right, so progress is slow.
> What are you referring to exactly?  "SQL-Abstract-2"?  Which last I looked
> hadn't had any version control activity in a year?  Or something else?  U=

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