[Dbix-class] Moose

Leandro Hermida softdev at leandrohermida.com
Wed Jul 21 11:03:38 GMT 2010


This sounds very promising, particularly querying in Perl natively. To
go further with this idea and have native querying in Perl of Moose
objects would be the holy grail!

For all the criticism of ORMs, I still really think Perl needs a
standard, rock solid Moose-centric one.  Look at SQLAlchemy in Python
and as I mentioned JPA/Hibernate in Java.  These ORMs really work, we
all know this.  I've worked on large projects using both the above two
ORMs and I never heard developers complaining about them except in
special edge cases where they need to do some unorthodox things and
the ORM's default behavior doesn't do what they want, but any good ORM
let's you customize their behavior to your needs and these do. For the
most part they make the developers job much easier this is for sure
and in Perl I think it would be very useful to be able to define your
domain model and class design using plain old Moose objects that can
be serialized and cached just like any object and then have the ORM
decorate these classes in a non-intrusive way to define mapping (to
borrow from SQLAlchemy)


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