[Dbix-class] Duplicate me.id in WHERE clause of simple query

Winfried Neessen winfried at neessen.net
Tue Jan 25 10:00:28 GMT 2011

Hi Ronald,

Ronald J Kimball schrieb:
> I don't see anything here that would cause a WHERE cause to be added 
> in the first place, and the class name doesn't match the table name in 
> your debug output..  Are you sure this is the right code snippet?
Well, you are right. I forgot to mention that in the template I refer to 
a relation of DB::Vorgaenge.

One line states:
<td id="vorgang_table_praxis_item_[% vorgang.id %]" class="rechts">[% 
vorgang.praxis.praxis | truncate( 21 ) | html %]</td>

whereas praxis.praxis is a belongs_to relation in DB::Vorgaenge with 
   { id => "praxis" },
     is_deferrable => 1,
     join_type     => "LEFT",
     on_delete     => "CASCADE",
     on_update     => "CASCADE",

So the debug log entry is obviously from DB::Praxis, but calling related 
DBIx::Class items shouldn't cause the
duplicated me.id entries though, should it?


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