[Dbix-class] Duplicate me.id in WHERE clause of simple query

Winfried Neessen winfried at neessen.net
Tue Jan 25 10:55:21 GMT 2011

Hi Peter,

Peter Rabbitson schrieb:
> So can you repeat your question with a coherent, reproducible problem
> description? I tried to trigger what you are seeing and I can't. Which
> either means I am missing something, or that you forgot to mention yet
> another crucial detail.
> Please show us the whole code[1] :)
I understand that it makes it easier for you to see the whole code, and 
I appreciate
the work of everybody who tried to help me with my problem, but due to 
restrictions I cannot post the whole code on a public mailing list- 
sorry :-/

As my "problem" isn't a real problem but more like a cosmetical fnord 
(my code is
working perfectly fine, I was just wondering why the debug output produces
"WHERE ( ( me.id = 1 AND me.id = 1 ) )" constructs), I will just leave 
it as it is and
go on with my work.

Again thanks for your work and time you guys spent to help me- much 


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