[Dbix-class] Duplicate me.id in WHERE clause of simple query

Winfried Neessen winfried at neessen.net
Tue Jan 25 18:22:51 GMT 2011

Hi Alan,

Alan Humphrey schrieb:
> If you use a different name for the relationship there's no problem.
Prefect! I am able to reproduce this. I just added the same belongs_to 
relation as the one that
DBIx::Class::Schema::Loader automagically created but set a my_ in front 
of the relation name.

To be more precisely the automatically created belongs_to name was 
"praxis" and I created a
"my_praxis" relation.

Now in my template when I use object.my_praxis.praxis instead of 
object.praxis.praxis, the resulting
queries in the debug output don't have the duplicated me.id entires anymore.

Thanks for pointing this out.


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