[Dbix-class] Duplicate me.id in WHERE clause of simple query

Alan Humphrey alan.humphrey at comcast.net
Wed Jan 26 16:04:36 GMT 2011

> Although this advice wasn't because of avoiding this bug, it's
> generally considered to be a "Bad Plan"� to make a relationship name
> the same as the foreign-key column you're using to fetch on. Instead
> of $family->order_id->order_scientific_name, it should be something
> like $family->order->scientific_name. There are lots of reasons you
> might want the order_id itself. And, always prefetching something
> without knowing you're going to need it is just . . . icky.

Out of curiosity, why is making the relationship name the same as the foreign key considered a "bad plan"?  Seems like a matter of taste to me.  You can always get the actual value of the column via get_column.

Not that I disagree with you.  This is a hold over from my early days with DBIx::Class when I was much more comfortable thinking in terms of the database structure.  Now that I'm more comfortable with the DBIx::Class way of doing things I do name my relationships something other than the foreign key.  Although, in this case "order" as a relationship name is a no-go since it's a SQL reserved word.

- Alan

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