[Dbix-class] dbix-class doesn't seem to be getting server info for oracle ...

Ronald Straight quinnfazigu at gmail.com
Tue Oct 18 16:56:05 GMT 2011

This is rather convoluted, and far easier using regex in more recent
versions, but since you're checking for gt 8, it won't be available.  So,
you can use the following SQL.

with vb as
 ( select banner,
             instr(banner,'Release') + length('Release') + 1 as istart,
             instr(banner, '-') - 1 as iend
   from v$version
   where banner like '%Oracle%' )
select substr(vb.banner,vb.istart,vb.iend-vb.istart) from vb;

Or try upgrading.  :)
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