[Dbix-class] Regarding Oracle's 1000 element limit in IN clause

Alexander Hartmaier alexander.hartmaier at t-systems.at
Mon Oct 24 14:15:15 GMT 2011

Why don't you use the column IN (...) OR column IN (...) solution?
I'd like to see this as a patch for the Oracle SQLMaker.

Cheers, Alex

Am 2011-10-24 16:06, schrieb Jorge Gonzalez:
> El 24/10/11 13:46, Matija Grabnar escribió:
>>> Question is, my server has enough RAM to slurp the resultset and
>>> then search (which is what I'm doing now). If enough RAM is
>>> available, no disk-based SQL server can beat that, provided that
>>> efficient search algorithms are used (I'm using the resultset to
>>> create several RAM based indexes - perl hashes - before doing any
>>> searching).
>> You would be surprised at what disk-based SQL servers can do,
>> particularly when compared to programs written in an interpreted
>> language. If your RAM based searches ran fast enough for your needs,
>> I don't think you'd be writing here. If they don't run fast enough
>> for you, you can implement a quick benchmark to see how  a DISK-based
>> SQL server can do.
> I would not classify Perl as an interpreted language - at least not in
> the traditional sense. My search function is the perl hash search
> function which I suspect is highly optimized. And I maintain my words:
> no disk-based SQL server is going to beat an in-memory search, given
> that the data is correctly indexed in both systems. All other factors
> equal (or similar), RAM access times and disk access times are
> different by several orders of magnitude.
> The queries run fast enough (for now), but they will be a problem
> sometime in the future: instead of doing a fixed number of queries
> regardless of the number of elements to filter, I have to do one for
> each 1000 elements: instead of constant cost, I have linear cost. For
> now it's ok, but soon there will be not 40.000 elements but 200.000 to
> filter, and then I'll have to do 200 queries instead of 40. And what
> about when I have to filter by 1000000 values?
> In the long term, I suppose I'll end mirroring parts of the data
> warehouse locally, syncing it by the night, as someone has already
> suggested.
> Thanks to all that have responded.
> BR
> J.
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