[Dbix-class] Announcing SQL::Abstract::FromQuery

Dami Laurent (PJ) laurent.dami at justice.ge.ch
Thu Jun 7 05:50:52 GMT 2012

Hi everybody,

Some of you may be interested in SQL::Abstract::FromQuery, just released to CPAN. This is a module to help building Web applications with complex search forms. It translates user input, as obtained from an HTML form, into a datastructure suitable as a %where clause for SQL::Abstract. Users can type regular values, comparison operators, patterns, etc.  

Nate Wiger, the original author of SQL::Abstract, already had this vision of translating Web forms into SQL queries; here we elaborate on that idea and support some more details.

The module is still in early infancy, so avoid using it in production (the API probably needs some improvements); suggestions are welcome. Enjoy!

Laurent Dami

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