[Dbix-class] resultset search question

Rajeev Prasad rp.neuli at yahoo.com
Tue Oct 9 14:57:11 GMT 2012

Hello, I guess a very basic question.

In the following example: from http://search.cpan.org/~mstrout/DBIx-Class-0.08202/lib/DBIx/Class/ResultSet.pm

my @cds = $cd_rs->search({ year => 2001 }); # "... WHERE year = 2001" my $new_rs = $cd_rs->search({ year => 2005 });

are we to understand that, table is 'indexed' or at least has a unique constraint on the column year? or can I do a search on non-index, non-constrained, just a normal column?

thank you.
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