[Dbix-class] dbix + perl5.18

Bernhard Bauch bauch at zsi.at
Wed Jun 12 15:01:25 GMT 2013

and actually.. i got (another?) inheritance problem....regarding the inheritance of ResultSet Classes..

maybe it makes sens to describe the problem, when i send you the bunch of classes....
(cleaned up ... because some are full of "useless" and confusing crap....i know ..send full code ...)
..tomorrow...have a good day.

On 12.06.2013, at 16:44, Peter Rabbitson wrote:

> On Wed, Jun 12, 2013 at 04:34:00PM +0200, Bernhard Bauch wrote:
>> need/want more infos ?
> Yes - I need the relationship definitions between classes as well - this 
> is where your exception is occuring. A class is allowed to load another 
> class, *outside* of the Schema.pm codeflow. This is where the problem 
> lies, Schema.pm has nothing to do with it.
> If this codebase is available somewhere in a repository I can just look 
> there as well.
> Cheers
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