[Dbix-class] has_many but no left join?!

Stephen Shorrock stephen.shorrock at gmail.com
Tue Jun 18 18:06:30 GMT 2013


I was wondering if anyone could offer some insight into a problem I'm
finding.  I wish to create a relationship using a left join by this doesn't
appear to be happening when I trace the SQL. My only thought is that it is
something to do with using a 'table' without a primary key or whose
underlying database object is actually not a table but a view?

The example class  / relationship below doe snot produce  a left join, but
would have thought it aught to:

Package MyApp::Schema::Result::IndexStatus;


 __PACKAGE__->add_columns(  "myindex",
  { data_type =3D> "bigint", is_nullable =3D> 0 },
  { data_type =3D> "bigint", is_nullable =3D> 0 },
  { data_type =3D> "varchar", default_value =3D> "", is_nullable =3D> 0, si=
ze =3D>
45 },

#relationship to find all old index statuses:
    { "foreign.myindex" =3D> "self.myoldindex"},

then (in Cat app)

produces SQL something like:
SELECT me.myindex, me.myoldindex, me.mystatus FROM index_statuses me  JOIN
index_statuses old_statuses ON old_statuses.myindex =3D me.myoldindex:

even adding {join_type=3D>'LEFT'} to the arguments of has_many does not
produce a left join.

DBIx::Class has been pretty robust, I'm assuming that this is an
undocumented feature rather than a bug.  However how can I get it to do a
left join?

Thanks in advance
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