[Dbix-class] packaging a script that uses DBIx::Class

RAPPAZ Francois francois.rappaz at unifr.ch
Tue Aug 12 15:00:17 GMT 2014


I wrote an application using DBIx::Class to access data on mysql. The script work well but the packaging with pp hangs: the "pp: Writing PAR on C:\Users\ ... " when verbose is on, stay for 20 minutes, whereas the same application using sql and DBI is packed in a few  minutes.

I suspect it's in the dependencies scan that the problem lies. My script calls "use Dbc::Schema;" which is where my data are, and this is the only call to the Dbix::Class stuff. 

scandeps.pl -V -e "use Dbc::Schema;" does not return or does not give any output. 

Thanks for any information on how to correct this.


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