[Dbix-class] Dynamic/Flexible DBIC views

Christian Lackas lackas at lackas.net
Mon Dec 1 16:56:32 GMT 2014

* Lasse Makholm <lasse at unity3d.com> [141128 18:05]:

Dear Lasse,

thanks a lot for your help!

Your example works very well for me also, and a view factory makes my
live much easier when dealing with complicated queries.

One question, though. Do you have any idea why this works:

    my @rows = $schema->resultset('Foo')->all;

however, using next results in an endless loop returning the first
entry over and over again:

    while (my $row = $schema->resultset('Foo')->next) {

Thanks again,

Dr. Christian Lackas, Managing Partner
inviCRO, LLC -- In Imaging Yours
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