[Dbix-class] SQL::Abstract inequality warning

Duncan Garland duncan.garland at motortrak.com
Fri Dec 12 17:01:38 GMT 2014


Can somebody explain why I've started to get this warning when I run the
statement below.

As far as I can see, I'm doing exactly as asked, and the code works so it
doesn't evaluate to 1=1.

SQL::Abstract::belch(): [SQL::Abstract::_where_field_op_ARRAYREF] Warning:
A multi-element arrayref as an argument to the inequality op '!=' is
technically equivalent to an always-true 1=1 (you probably wanted to say
...{ $inequality_op => [ -and => @values ] }... instead)

  my @service_contracts = $c->model('DB::Mbfl2ServiceContract')->search(
    { vehicle_id => $vehicle_id,
      deleted_yn => 'N',
      status     => { '!=' => [ '-and' => [ 'T', 'X', 'E' ] ] }
    { order_by => { '-desc' => 'date_updated' } }



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