[Dbix-class] Lateral and With / With Recursive

Kaare Rasmussen kaare at jasonic.dk
Tue Feb 10 23:42:07 GMT 2015

On 02/10/2015 09:06 PM, Peter Rabbitson wrote:
> On 02/09/2015 08:11 PM, Bill Moseley wrote:
>> Is there support and/or examples of usage of LATERAL and WITH in
>> DBIx::Class?   Or it is limited to virtual views at this time?
> There isn't currently support for these, due to the relatively low 
> interest. Please refer to the discussion on the topic[1] and some 
> preliminary related work[2] that never garnered enough tuits for API 
> review (implementation wasn't a focus at the time).

Both LATERAL and CTE's are part of the SQL standard by now; shouldn't 
this really be part of SQL::Abstract?

Btw I'm not telling anybody to change anything, just contemplating.

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