[Dbix-class] scope in DBIx::Class::Core subclass

Charlie Garrison garrison at zeta.org.au
Sun Feb 15 21:47:46 GMT 2015

Good morning,

On 15/2/15 at 9:51 PM +0100, Erik Colson <eco at ecocode.net> wrote:

>However, the code doesn't work if I put a 'use String::Util;' at the top
>of the package and replace 'String::Util::trim' by 'trim'. It looks like
>the declaration gets out of scope.

You need to either import the `trim` sub:

use String::Util 'trim';
return 'CALC: '.trim( $self->acolumn );

Or you need to call the sub with the package name as you were doing before:

return 'CALC: '.String::Util::trim( $self->acolumn );


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