[Dbix-class] PostREST

Darren Duncan darren at darrenduncan.net
Thu Jun 16 22:12:46 GMT 2016

Bill, why not let Postgres handle this natively?  Postgres can federate 
databases, particularly other Postgres databases, so you could let Postgres do 
the work you envisage doing application level.  Granted, that may not be the 
best option for your situation, but it is one you should evaluate.  Note that it 
makes a difference which Postgres version you use, the later the better. -- 
Darren Duncan

On 2016-06-16 9:02 AM, Bill Moseley wrote:
> We are splitting up a larger schema into separate databases -- there's a set of
> tables that have a very small set of relations to the other tables, so good
> candidates for separating out.
> Of course, w/o the tables all in a single DB the joins have to be done in code.
> We are looking at using PostREST (https://github.com/begriffs/postgrest) which
> places a REST API on top of Postgresql.
> We have a fair amount of business logic in the DBIC result (and resultset)
> classes, so the question is if we can reuse this code directly.   For example,
> would it be possible to write a Storage layer that instead of talking to a DBI
> connected database one that is access via by HTTP.
> Are there examples of non-DBIx::Class::Storage layers?   Does that even make
> sense in DBIC context?
> I'm also not convinced that PostREST makes sense.   Why talk to the DB via HTTP
> instead of using DBI directly?   To make it useful we would need to put much
> more business logic into the database as views and stored procedures.   And that
> feels like going back in time to when DBAs were gatekeepers on every change and
> access to the DB.    Anyone else looked at this?
> --
> Bill Moseley
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