[Dbix-class] IMPORTANT: A discussion of DBIC governance and future development

Peter Rabbitson rabbit+dbic at rabbit.us
Mon Oct 3 21:32:18 GMT 2016

On 10/03/2016 10:37 PM, David Golden wrote:
> <snip>
> In the ensuing discussion, Peter disclosed additional details about his
> plans for the future of DBIC

Given the discussion generated way more interest than I anticipated, at 
this point I am pausing all activity ( both code and administrative 
changes ), until at least the 8th of October. I want to give ample time 
for all interested parties to state their thoughts.

 From my side, in order to highlight the main "point of contention" if 
you will, I am pulling together several pieces from the aforementioned 

> How much more concerning, then, to discover in the last few days
> that you have seen your DBIC-related activities since December as
> effectively winding up the project, rather than preparing to leave
> it to others.
> ...
> I know a bunch of the the pending changes are not ready to merge (or
> "sub-par" if you will); this is because I haven't had the motivation to
> put more work into them
> ...
> I suspect if we managed to get all of the branches
> people had planned that were delayed because riba's response to the proposed
> features was "yes, but please wait for me to finish X first" done then that
> work in itself might be a major release's worth.
> ...
> While I get that its (n.b. DBIC) depended on a fair bit, I don't think that
> means being  *perfect* to the exclusion of all experimentation. I don't think
>I've come across other bits of CPAN, apart from maybe the ones in core, that
> attempt  to be as rigorous in their perfection. Really, if people upgrade,
> and  encounter an issue .. they can either downgrade and wait, or pitch in
> and  help (or pay someone to).. this is open source after all.

While the project does not have a bright future under my (now likely 
moot) plan, the approach indicated above is, in my opinion, the worst 
possible direction, one I worked really hard to save this codebase from.

Nevertheless, if nobody else finds this problematic: I will step aside 
and let an eager community, inadvertently suppressed all these years, 
steer this project further.


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