[Dbix-class] Path from here towards actually getting a release out

Dagfinn Ilmari Mannsåker ilmari at ilmari.org
Fri Oct 6 13:36:19 GMT 2017

Matt S Trout <mst at shadowcat.co.uk> writes:

> Thoughts from the list on the above would be very welcome, or if your
> thought is "looks basically reasonable" then a +1 would be nice (once there's
> 3 or 4 such replies there's no need to add to them, but I'd at least like to
> know "some people think it looks basically reasonable" if that's the case).

+1 from me

- Twitter seems more influential [than blogs] in the 'gets reported in
  the mainstream press' sense at least.               - Matt McLeod
- That'd be because the content of a tweet is easier to condense down
  to a mainstream media article.                      - Calle Dybedahl

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