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TreeTribes is the site I'm working on.

Now its starting to come together.  I need to create a
package TreeTribes::Authorize that I would put in
It would be as follows.  My questions follow the

  package TreeTribes::Authorize;
  use Handel::Constants qw(:checkout);
  use base 'Handel::Checkout::Plugin';
  use Business::OnlinePayment::SomePaymentProcessor

  sub register {
    my ($self, $ctx) = @_;


  sub process_credit_card {
    my ($self, $ctx) = @_;

    ...online payment code here...


1. Is this correct?  The init sub runs first then the
register sub is called by default so that the phase
can be associated with the proper sub routine in this
2. next is the setup function to do any setup work you
need to do.
2. the next sub routine to run is whatever sub you
have associated with the phase.  You do this with
3. teardown is the phase where you put your
housekeeper. (it cleans up any messes)
4. Where do I put this package?  Would it go into
TreeTribes/lib/TreeTribes/Controllor/ ?
5. currently I haven't created packages for authorize
and deliver.  How does Handel::Checkout handle these
missing plugins?  I'm assuming it just pretends that

Thanks again for the support!  

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