[Handel] Creating a Handel-Catalyst application

Christopher H. Laco claco at chrislaco.com
Thu Nov 10 00:07:40 CET 2005

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Chisel Wright wrote:
> I'm certain I'm missing something here, I've tried with an sqlite
> database, and a postgres database, but I can't see how to get started
> with Handel in Catalyst.
> I've tried the helper scripts and the output is very similar, create a
> test file and maybe root/<something>/ but very little else.
> Here's my latest attempt:
> catalyst.pl MyApp
> cd MyApp/
> mkdir sqlite
> cd sqlite/
> wget
> http://handelframework.com/svn/CPAN/Handel/trunk/sql/handel.sqlite.sql
> sqlite -init sqlite/handel.sqlite.sql sqlite/handel.db
>  .quit
> ./script/myapp_create.pl Handel::Scaffold \
>    dbi:SQLite;dbname=${PWD}/sqlite/handel.db
> The final command outputs:
> created "/home/chisel/demo/MyApp/script/../lib/MyApp/V/TT.pm"
> created "/home/chisel/demo/MyApp/script/../t/V/TT.t"
> created "/home/chisel/demo/MyApp/script/../root/cart"
> created "/home/chisel/demo/MyApp/script/../root/orders"
> created "/home/chisel/demo/MyApp/script/../root/checkout"
> I was expecting some code or something.
> Is there a doc anywhere on getting started with Handel under Catalyst?
> I'm just not having much luck.
> Chisel

What version are you using, and did you get it from CPAN or from the
subversion repo?

The last time I saw that kind of output, it was because the catalyst
helper modules were uploaded to CPAN with windows line endings and the
helpers were being run on a *nix system. In that case, the line ending
mistmatch was breaking the __DATA__ section as a file handle. That was
fixed in 0.21 and I set those files to eol-style=LF in the repo, but
that doesn't mean I didn't screw something else up. :-)

Strangly enough, the opposite doesn't cause __DATA__ to break. (unix
line endings on windows).

Let me look around...

In the mean time, check out the 0.26 version from the repo and
build/install it. Then try the helper scripts again. I suspect that will
fix it.

- -=Chris
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