[Handel] Setting up Handel::Scaffold catalyst demo app

Christopher H. Laco claco at chrislaco.com
Fri Sep 9 16:08:05 CEST 2005

Bernard FRIT wrote:
> I donwloaded the catalyst branch from Handel svn and I'd like to make
> it work and install a catalyst demo app... but I was totally unable to
> find how to do it.
> Could you give some hints ?
> --
> Bernard FRIT

Yeah, I'm sorry this is all unclear at the moment. The scaffodl code 
that exists is not meant for human consumption yet past the YAPC demo 
Marcus was going to do. I'm working on making it all more official, 
cleaner, modular, and more production worthy. Now, on with the show...

I'm going to assume that you meant that you downloaded the latest trunk:
and that you did a make, make test, and make install and things are just 
dandy; prereqs met, and tests passed.

I'll also assume you already have Catalyst installed, and DBD::SQLite, 
and Catalyst-View-TT installed.

(What OS are you on?)

In the working directoy you downloaded Handel trunk to:

   cd demo
   perl -wT createdb.pl

This will create demo/handel.db
Now, create a new Catalyst App:

   (on win32)
   catalyst.bat MyApp

   (on *nix)
   catalyst.pl MyApp

Move into that new MyApp directory and setup Handel:

   cd Myapp
   perl script/myapp_create.pl Handel::Scaffold _

   perl script/myapp_server.pl

Open http://localhost:3000/cart/

That's it.

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