[Handel] Re: Setting up Handel::Scaffold catalyst demo app

Christopher H. Laco claco at chrislaco.com
Fri Sep 9 16:23:11 CEST 2005

Bernard FRIT wrote:
> To be more specific, I did :
> catalyst.pl Shop
> cd Shop
> script/shop_create.pl Handel::Scaffold 'dbi:mysql:shop:localhost:3306'
> 'test' 'test'
> output produced
> created "/home/test/www/Shop/script/../lib/Shop/V/TT.pm"
> created "/home/test/www/Shop/script/../t/V/TT.t"
> created "/home/test/www/Shop/script/../root/handel"
> nothing else %-[
> --
> Bernard FRIT

I'm not surprised. I never had a chance to test it on anything other 
than my laptop before handing it off to Marcus, and I think it's pretty 
unstable in how it finds, creates, and names things. I wish I could be 
more help. When I get time, I could do the same on the laptop and at 
least zip up my output files for you to use.

With that said, I believe the Cart helpers in trunk are complete and 
working....they certainly better follow Catalyst practices and don't do 
any of the flaky directory path sniffing that the Scaffold does..

	script/myapp_create.pl model Cart Handel::Cart dsn user pass
	script/myapp_create.pl controller Cart Handel::Cart

Once I get the ORder/ Checkout helpers done, I'll be gutting 
Handel::Scaffold to use them instead of the nastyness that it does now.

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