[Handel] Re: [Catalyst] [OT] Could a Linux user try this for me

Christopher H. Laco claco at chrislaco.com
Mon Sep 19 16:18:47 CEST 2005

Andy Grundman wrote:
> # catalyst.pl Handel
> ...
> # cd Handel
> # script/handel_create.pl Handel::Scaffold dbi:SQLite:handel.db
> created 
> "/home/andy/dev/Catalyst/examples/Handel/script/../lib/Handel/V/TT.pm"
> created "/home/andy/dev/Catalyst/examples/Handel/script/../t/V/TT.t"
> created "/home/andy/dev/Catalyst/examples/Handel/script/../root/cart"
> created "/home/andy/dev/Catalyst/examples/Handel/script/../root/orders"
> created "/home/andy/dev/Catalyst/examples/Handel/script/../root/checkout"
> -Andy

First, thanks for the help. :-)

Second, I have two theories about this one. It's almost like render_file 
isn't finding the content in __DATA__ to write...

I wonder it it's the fact that I have __END__ with POD in there as well...


The dist (like always) is created on my XP laptop. The files are CRLF, 
which may be ticking off Linux/perl in some fashion when it's trying to 
find __DATA__

If it's the latter, I'm kind of shocked that it works just dandy on 
FreeBSD, but I've seen stranger things. Maybe  I never noticed because 
I'm always running and installing from SVN, which does a 
eof-style=native...thus avoiding the __DATA__ problem.

Andy/Bernard, Could you try something else for me?
Did you install via the CPAN dist for 0.20?

Could you try getting a copy from SVN 
(http://handelframework.com/svn/CPAN/Handel/tags/0.20/) and make/make 
installing that verson instead? I think this would ensure that your 
installed copy of Handel is using your native line feeds.

Then try running Handel::Scaffold again?


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