[Handel] Couldn't render template "file error - cart/add: not found"

pierre.beland at prrbl.org pierre.beland at prrbl.org
Fri Aug 4 06:54:58 CEST 2006

I know some handel users have add that problem although
it doew not show ont the list. I wonder how they
resolved it.

I do:

1) catalyst.pl shop
2) cd shop
3) script/shop_create.pl Handel::Scaffold \
4) sqlite3 handel.db < handel.sqlite.sql
5) insert this into lib/shop/View/TT.pm
sub new {
    my $self = shift;
        INCLUDE_PATH => [
            shop->path_to( 'root' ),
    return $self->NEXT::new(@_);
6) script/shop_server.pl
7) In Firefox:


which results in the following error:

    Couldn't render template "file error - /cart/view.tt: \ 
    absolute paths are not allowed (set ABSOLUTE option)"

If I call the add action in the cart namespace


I get an error:

    Couldn't render template "file error - cart/add: not found"

If I use the products.html file referenced by the perl.com 
article and add a product to the cart using the links on 
that page, I get the same error.

But if (just to see what happens) I modify the 'view' action in 


and remove the forward slash  before 'cart' in "/cart/view.tt"
so it becomes  "cart/view.tt", I can see the cart with the
product I've added (or deleted).

Enabling ABSOLUTE (which I wouldn't want to do) or defining 
the TEMPLATE_EXTENSION (as Chris suggested in a comment 
following the perl.com article) didn't solve the problem.

I am doing something wrong? Thanks for your ideas on this.

Handel               0.33
Catalyst             5.6902
Catalyst::View::TT   0.22

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