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Christopher H. Laco claco at chrislaco.com
Mon Aug 14 17:35:23 CEST 2006

Jan Gerene wrote:
> Op zaterdag 12 augustus 2006 22:42, schreef Christopher H. Laco:
>> We resolved this on IRC, but for the sake of the answer being here....
>> Handel::Checkout loads plugins from Handel::Checkout::Plugin::*.
>> To load plugins from different namespaces, you must add them to the ENV
>> config variables, or during new:
>>   my $checkout >>     addpluginpaths => 'UniBooks::Plugin',
>>     order  => $order,
>>     phases => 'CHECKOUT_PHASE_VALIDATE'
>>   });
>> -=Chis
> This works fine, thx. 
> Is it possible to get to the catalyst context from within the plugin e.g. I 
> would like to use "$c->model('xxx')" and can't find how to do that.
> Regards;

Well, if you're using Handel::Checkout directly within controller code
in Catalyst, you can at least do this:

package MyController;
sub foo : Local {
	my ($self, $c) 
	my $stash 	$stash->{'catalyst'} 
	my $checkout 	...

...within the plugin....

package MyPlugin;
sub handler {
	my ($self, $ctx) 	my $catctx 	...

That brings up a minor little usability issue I'll try to fix.
To make it easier, I should allow one to pass stash options to Stash->new:

	my $stash 	    catalyt => $c

and for that matter, Checkout->new 'stash' could just DTRT as well:

	my $checkout 		stash => {catalyst => $c}  # does Stash->new()


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