[Handel] [ANNOUNCE] Handel 0.31 Released

Christopher H. Laco claco at chrislaco.com
Thu Jan 19 03:30:15 CET 2006

Live from the monkey pit, Handel version 0.31 had been scrape from the
programming mouldes and set free against the world. Changes in 0.31 include:

>     - Fixed order creation from cart uuid to use cart_class
>     - Fixed order reconcile to use cart_class
>     - Added ccissuenumber, ccstartdate and ccenddate temp fieds to orders
>     - Use version to property compare CDBI versions (3.0.1 doesn't use version)
>     - Added clear_messages to Handel::Checkout
>     - Checkout plugin handlers are now run in the order of their declared
>         preference number
>     - Fixed Carts item_class to return a default
>     - Fixed Carts items(), delete(), destroy() and restore() to use item_class
>     - Fixed Orders item_class to return a default
>     - Fixed Orders items(), delete() to use item_class
>     - PRAGMA synchronous = OFF and temp_store = MEMORY for SQLite tests to
>         reduce disk trashing during testing
>     - Handel::Exception::Taglib subclasses Apache::AxKit::Exception if available
>         to play nice with AxKits exception handling
>     - Added destroy() to Handel::Order
>     - Added subclassing tests to current cart/order/checkout tests
>     - Checkout::process now clears the stash before the call to plugin init, so
> 	plugins can set stash data
>     - Added Handel::Checkout::Stash to checkout process
>     - Added Checkout->stash_class to allow the use of a custom stash class in
>         Checkout subclasses
>     - Checkout::new how takes the stash option, which should contain a instance
> 	of a Handel::Checkout::Stash subclass
>     - Added t/checkout_stash,t tests
>     - Class setter methods (order_class, item_class, stash_class, cart_class)
>         now try to require the specified class


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